We survey your home

One call and you’ve launched the process.

Your NeighborGreen Energy Advisor will come to your home and perform a FREE diagnostic energy survey to identify:

  • Sources of drafts, air infiltration, and heat loss
  • Areas to air seal and insulate
  • Solar electric or high-efficiency heating and cooling
  • Government loan and rebate options

You get guidance on no-money-down government loans and a proposal outlining efficiency measures.  You select the next steps and measures.

We get to work

In less time than it could take to get going with another company, NeighborGreen’s Preferred Insulation Contractor, will seal, insulate, and foam to make your home less leaky and more durable. Our Solar and HVAC contractors present those opportunities.

Your Energy Advisor schedules the date and orients the crew.

And once the work is complete, you do a walk-through with the crew to review the improvements and address punch list items.  You throw out your to-do list.

You start saving

We can help you save up to 25 percent of your annual energy bill with the insulation measures. Add on another 25% + savings with a solar installation and/or high-efficiency heating.

Your Advisor  also provides information about modest lifestyle changes to reduce your environmental footprint and boost savings even more. We encourage you to track your electric and fuel usage: you can’t manage what you don’t measure!

These steps toward a more efficient home benefit you, your neighborhood, and your community.

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