Some just do the Seal and Save package for a fast payback and immediate comfort. Some homeowners do the complete retrofit to transform their homes.  Most do the Seal and Save package and 1-3 additional measures for an initial investment of $2,500 to $5,750 and a 3-7 year payback. Talk to a NeighborGreen Advisor about setting priorities and financing options.  

Seal & Save

Weatherizing Basics

Save 10–15%*
  • On-site Energy Survey
  • List of recommended measures that address your priorities
  • Multiple testing options to pinpoint where air is leaking
  • Caulking baseboard gaps and electrical/plumbing penetrations and window cracks
  • Weather stripping around doors and plugs
  • Certificate of work completed
$550 — $1,550
Average payback 12–16 months.

Next Step Seal

Weatherizing Add-Ons

Save 15–25%*
Easy next step options to reduce drafts, mold, moisture, and high energy bills.

  • Air sealing of attic floor around electrical penetrations, fans, and recessed lights to stop heat loss
  • Attic tents or insulation of attic hatch
  • Basement rim joist cavities
  • Window gaskets and sash adjustments
  • Chimney lock tops or balloons
  • Blown cellulose into interior garage ceilings
$60 — $2,000 per item
When combined with Seal & Save package. Average payback 1–36 months.

The Retrofit

Whole House Audit

Save 25%+*
This extensive whole-house audit focuses on creating a thermal barrier between your unheated space and your living space, and plugging larger areas of air seepage. This may include:

  • High-performance cellulose under storage area or onto attic floor
  • Foaming underside of rafters to bring attic into envelope
  • Skinning interior walls of knee walls or crawl spaces with rock wool and high-R rigid foam board
  • Filling exterior walls with dense-packed cellulose
  • NEW!! Ductless heat pump mini-splits for zoned heating and cooling
  • NEW!! Solar Electric systems
from $2,000
Must be combined with Seal & Save package. Average payback 3–10 years.
* Estimated annual savings